Experts in Media Recently Visited Leeds

Experts in Media has become known for its client-relationship strategies. We work with various clients in our industry and make sure that each target is met and everyone’s vision is being reached. “The goal for us is to master the art of communication. We have communication down to the core of our business. We make sure to keep our client’s well-informed and well-intact with any changes in that could be beneficial and anything else that could be of potential use when it comes to growth or positivity,” says Victoria Nupen, managing director of Experts in Media.


“Recently, we visited Leeds where some of our clients are and went over different strategies with them to make sure everything is going smoothly. It’s great to meet with clients often because as a media firm, we’re able to communicate more in-depth about their needs and how they want to personalize their presence through media. It’s important to us that each client gets a personal touch and face-to-face communication because that’s the channel that we have to speak and keep everything strong,” says Victoria Nupen of Experts in Media. Client visits are important to us for other reasons such as discusses newer tools that are out there and how we can help them put it through on our end. We’re always very keen on making sure our clients are taken care of and looked after, no one gets left behind — that’s our motto!


Along with the communication bridge being met, we really get to see a different side of clients. It’s always fun and exciting to visit our partners because we get an idea of how they want everything to be. “For example, we recently went over some social media tips with our client to help them understand how it all works. Social media presence is very important and because it is, it is our job to make sure our clients utilize this tool and any tool that is coming through in the market for better user experience. “We’re excited about the future because the world of media is changing, which means that we will be on top of it!” says Victoria Nupen of Experts in Media.



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