Experts in Media’s MD Speaks About Marketing/Branding at Women’s Council of Realtor Event


As an expert in the industry of branding and marketing, Victoria Nupen recently gave a presentation at a Women’s Council of Realtors event. The exclusive event had an audience of wonderful women and men in the real estate industry who were fascinated to learn more about the effects of branding and marketing. At Experts in Media, we know that having a brand is more than just a public image or representation of something.

“Personal Branding is the means by which people remember you. It’s how you manage and optimize yourself to potential clients and customers,” says Victoria Nupen, MD of Experts in Media. Nowadays it is imperative to make sure you make an impact. Your branding is what allows you do this in a specific manner. Whatever you want to showcase is how your brand will portray as and marketing it will mean it is going somewhere.

Experts in Media’s MD Speaks About Marketing/Branding at Women’s Council of Realtor Events


But why is personal branding important? We know that a company needs one to be differentiated and recognized, but why is it essential? “People want to do business with people, not companies. Therefore putting a strong, well-rounded personal brand at the forefront of your marketing strategy can dramatically improve your reach and relationship with your audience,” says Victoria Nupen of Experts in Media. Having a brand that personalizes the experience of your service means it is more approachable; therefore it is well-rounded. Most times, individuals in this industry assume that branding is all about just putting an image out there without having to put in the effort of marketing and strategizing. It’s crucial to understand that creating a strong personal brand requires much more than just that.


One sure way to make sure your brand stands out is by consistency. “When potential consumer/customers want to learn more about a new connection they will look across multiple platforms for information. Therefore, it’s important to stay consistent using the same profile pic, imagery, and look. You need to balance your professional description with exciting and engaging language. Do not overload your bio with industry terms; people want to see a human side too.” With the proper tools, balance, mindset, determination, and consistency it is highly possible to make sure that your brand and marketing reach far. It is all about how you personalize it and make an effort to put it out there for people to relate to as well. Individuals and the general audience need a personal touch more than they need something technical, that to us the highest form of good branding/marketing.



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