Experts in Media will be Attending Marco Foster’s 7th Annual White Party

Experts in Media is excited to be attending the 7th Annual White Party, at The Underground Chicago. The event is going to be one of Chicago’s biggest and most memorable parties for a benefit cause and organization. There’s going to music and well-known Chicagoans attending to put their support in for the organization, One Hope United. “One Hope United is a place where children find a home. They are a caring and innovative organization that helps in any way they can for the well-being of children,” says Victoria Nupen, managing director of Experts in Media. One Hope United stands for courage and tenacity. It’s one of those organizations that are true to what they believe in.

They write on their site, “Since its inception, One Hope United’s purpose has been to care for children and to ensure they grow up in safe, loving environments. Today OHU’s team of over 700 talented professionals serves thousands of children and families each year in Illinois, Wisconsin, Missouri, and Florida.” They are dedicated to empowering children in every area. Education and learning. They have build up a strong and reputable name and offer various services. “The White Party is going to be an exceptional cause of One Hope United. Together, Experts in Media and other well-known companies will be attending to show their support,” says Victoria Nupen of Experts in Media.

The White Party will also be hosted by Marco Foster, he quotes “There was a time in my life when I was young and was lost in the system also known as the Department of Children and Family Services. I was adopted by a great woman, the late Marjorie Foster at the age of 7. Because of this, I’m able to relate to what a foster child and parent has to deal with. Since before the age of seven, I was in numerous homes and that can take a toll on a child. That’s why I believe in what One Hope United is trying to accomplish, a safe home for every child. One Hope United began more than 100 years ago with the same vision it has today: a safe home for every child. “This is unique and hits home for many individuals. Along with being of emotional value, this event will be one to remember!” notes Victoria Nupen of Experts in Media.


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