Experts In Media Review the Rise of Social Media

When you think of how the technological revolution has changed our world, it can take the breath away. We can sell online, buy online, and even look for houses online. One day we’ll be able to get married online. Technology has also changed the way we communicate with each other, and made the world smaller than it’s ever been. One technological invention above all others is dominating society at the moment, and that’s social media. Here, Experts In Media look at an infographic that shows the impact that social media platforms are having on business.

“I love to use a selection of social media platforms, both on a business and a personal level”, said Victoria Nupen, director of Experts In Media. “Facebook, Twitter, and the likes are impacting upon every aspect of our lives. Your customers are using social media, so it’s essential that your business does as well. Businesses that stand still when all around are changing, risk being left behind. By including social media as part of an integrated promotions strategy, you can gain a competitive edge.”

The infographic comes courtesy of the Harvard Business Review, one of the most respected analysts of business today. Their extensive survey found that 58% of companies currently use social media. This could involve advertising on social media platforms, or simply using them to post news about the business and its latest developments. This can be a powerful strategy, especially when done correctly. Modern consumers, especially Millennials, love exciting content. Don’t simply post that you’ve had a new carpet installed in the office, show a picture of it, or even better a video of you roller blading across it. That’s the sort of exciting content that gets a company noticed on social media, and that gets shared.

Social media sharing can quickly get your company name and products in front of thousands of people at the click of a button, so it’s also a great place to promote special offers or new products. Currently, 58% of businesses say they already use social media, and 21% of businesses say that they are actively planning to use it. The other 21% are presumably still writing letters and waiting two weeks for a reply.

“Social media can be a very powerful tool, but it has to be used correctly to reap the right rewards”, said Victoria Nupen. “That’s why it can pay to outsource your social media usage to experts who can help you get the most from it.”

If you want to reap the benefits that social media can provide, contact Experts In Media. Their social media marketing campaigns promise real returns on investment.


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