Experts in Media Past, Present and Future.

Experts in Media is a Manchester based Social Media, PR and Website design company. The company was created with the hope of fulfilling the needs of small to medium size businesses to maximize their online presents and see a ROI using social media activities. By improving a companies online visibility and reaching their relevant target market, brands have been able in increase their bottom line in ways they were never able to do in the past.


Experts in Media initially worked with marketing and sales companies, but since then their client base has grown to include transport companies, language schools, wedding planners, fashion designers, holiday letting agencies, to cleaning companies. To name but a few, Experts in Media has a very diverse client base.


Creating a positive online presence is vital for a business to grow and maintain their existing customer base. All brands can benefit from incorporating various online advertising and communications into their marketing mix. Experts in Media offer an array of services to help build our clients online presence including press writing and distribution, social media management, SEO, logo design, website design and maintenance to name but a few.


According to an article published on regarding the future of the UK IT industry announcing that mobile internet grew by 70% in 2012 alone and is now 12 times higher than it was in 2000. The article also went further to say The UK’s online environment is set to undergo some pretty big improvements in the next few years. The government plans for the whole nation to have access to super-fast broadband by 2015 and 4G mobile broadband will be rolled out by the end of the year. What’s more, research into 5G is also well underway.


Now that brands know what the future holds regarding the increase of internet usage, it even more important for small to medium size businesses to focus on their online image and to advertise and communicate with their customers online. CEO of Experts in Media Victoria Nupen agrees saying, ‘The growth in my business is a clear indication that businesses are starting to take note of what is happening in the technological macro environment. A business can not control a trend like technology advancement, so instead of ignoring it, trying to control it, rather plan for it. Experts in Media conducts market related research on a brands industry before we start formulating online marketing strategies. This was we can adjust and work with upcoming trends.’


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