Experts in Media Now Offer Recruitment Services as a Natural Extension of Online Marketing

Having established a reputation for being experts in business growth marketing, Experts in Media is now offering online recruitment services to their clients in the United States. Experts in Media have been focusing all their efforts on social media, brand reputation management and website design for many of their UK based partners for a number of years and have met such a huge level of success that it is only logical to offer this service to their US partners as the next step.

According to Experts in Media’s Managing Director, Victoria Nupen, “My recent move to the United States opened the perfect opportunity to begin providing this service to our clients in the US since we have met with such high levels of success in the UK. Our business is marketing and it is something we do very well indeed. Recruitment for talent can be seen as another leg of marketing and so we put that to work for our clients with amazing results.”

Some industries are really hurting for top-level talent and it is specifically here that the services of Experts in Media can be of greatest value. With all the advances in Information Technology, for example, it is a job-seekers market and companies are vying to get their hands on qualified IT professionals, offering them bigger and better benefits packages as well as other almost unheard of incentives. Victoria puts their marketing expertise to work to grab the attention of the best-of-the-best in all industries, across all levels of proficiency.

“Although our clients may only have a few openings at the moment, it is our goal to help them attract the highest level talent out there. We know that as their business grows with our online marketing expertise and their innovative products or services, there will be further positions to fill. It’s all about growing a business and without an adequate workforce, there is no way to sustain high levels of growth,” Victoria explains.

Experts in Media have an awesome success rate in promoting business growth through a wide range of online marketing techniques and now they are excited to bring this expertise to the job recruitment market utilising a number of online job boards and other strategies proven to be highly effective. No matter what industry a company falls within, accelerated business growth is simply unsustainable without qualified management and staff.

Victoria and her crew are excited to help US and UK businesses grow from inside and out – talented staff and loyal customers, a two-sided coin that wins with every flip.


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