Experts In Media Look at How to Create the Perfect Logo

Take a look at the most successful businesses in the world, and one thing that unites them all is they have a strong brand. A brand encompasses everything from the way it communicates its core values, to the kind of advertising that it produces, but one central part of the brand recognition is the company’s logo itself. A recent article in Entrepreneur magazine gave useful tips on how to build a perfect logo. Here, Experts In Media review the article and look at what else is needed to bring business success.

“A perfect logo catches the eye and remains in the memory, whether seen on the shelves of a store or on a television advert”, said Victoria Nupen, director of Experts In Media. “In this way it not only increases the chances of impulse purchases, it can also encourage brand loyalty. That’s why entrepreneurs should think long and hard about their logo, and should also ensure that it fits in seamlessly with their brand image as a whole.”

The article begins by asking people to close their eyes and think about the logo of Apple, and then to think of the logo of Nike. It’s a simple task that everyone can do, and that just shows how incredibly effective their logos are. The logo is one of the first things that a consumer says, so in a very real way it represents your company. Great care should be taken over the choice of image, the choice of colours, and the choice of fonts to ensure that the logo attracts rather than repels. Never simply accept the first logo created, but take time to consider different choices.

The first tip for creating a great logo is ‘be simple’. Nothing could be simpler than the logos of Apple and Nike, and those of many other huge companies, yet they are very memorable. Don’t be busy and cluttered, and have one message. Your logo should have a timeless feel, rather than being based upon trendy fonts or clever graphics. Be unique rather than clichéd, so that a global company’s logo should never be simply a globe. Colours convey different emotions, so use that to your advantage, but also try to have symmetrical amounts of white space around your logo.

“There’s lots to consider when creating a logo, but at its heart it should be both bold and simple, and yet relevant to what your company offers”, said Victoria Nupen. “Of course a logo is just part of the branding process. It needs to synchronize with your website and all of your communications. In this way you create a powerful brand that will have customers coming back for more.”

Brand growth is the aim of businesses in all sectors, and that’s just what the bespoke logo design and marketing services of Experts In Media help their clients achieve.


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