Experts in Media is Growing!

Experts in Media has been up and active while creating a well-known online media management reputation. We believe in first impressions and we know how competitive it is in the marketing and branding world. “Experts in Media works hard to make sure your business and brand speaks volumes about your ethos,” mentions Victoria Nupen, Managing Director of Experts in Media. We place a huge importance on your website, time, social media management and projects. Being specialists in our field no one else can do what we aim to do for our clients. With our advanced analytics and customized service, we have expanded and grown vastly over the past few months and years.

Due to the fact that we place such an importance on personalized and effective branding, clients and businesses chose us for their needs. We have grown vastly in American cities and business in particular with marketing and business-to-business relations. Victoria Nupen of Experts in Media explained, “The growth in America for our business and market has increased immensely. When we first began we initially just started in New York but over time through reputation, our business and Experts in Media itself grew to cities all over in America and even in Canada.” This happens because in business when your work has the quality it tends to spread a good word and we are now working with clients in cities such as Jersey City, Atlanta, Miami, West Palm Beach, Chicago, Houston, Austin in just America alone.

We’re proud to say that over the past month we’ve expanded our business with new clients in new cities such as Seattle, Detroit, and Minneapolis. “This type of growth gets me excited about the future of Experts in Media, it’s not only because we work hard to make sure our clients get the best service but we make sure to provide a personal touch in everything that we do,” mentions Victoria Nupen of Experts in Media. We now believe that Experts in Media will continue to expand and it’s only a matter of time that it will be known vastly through other cities in the world of marketing, branding, and business.


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