Experts in Media is Attending a Competitive Event & Award Ceremony!

Every year Experts in Media makes their top priority to take part in competition and award ceremonies. “In September, we will be traveling to New York to take part in this event. We will see competition from all around in our business, and we will be able to see those that are standing out to start their own future,” says Victoria Nupen, managing director of Experts in Media. Individuals with the highest potential collect awards, and because of the environment being vastly competitive, it sets the tone for promotions and just to see who’s doing their very best to stand out. “The one key factor that makes these events stand out is that it promotes healthy competition. Along with being a room filled with successful, highly motivated and inspired individuals, it’s an event that helps those that have worked extremely hard,” says Victoria Nupen of Experts in Media. writes about proven reasons as to why competition is good. The writer mentions things such as: making customer service better; innovation is at its peak, helps grow a business:

“It Makes Your Customer Service Better:
When you’re on the treadmill of a business boom there simply isn’t enough time in a day to stop and really evaluate every single customer. While others are getting all the customers, you have ample time to evaluate and appreciate every customer. Make customers fall in love with you and treat them right. Then when competition comes along they won’t even think of going anywhere else.

Innovation Is Fostered
Innovation is important to you and your company because competition makes you constantly innovate. When your business is number one or the only one, innovation tends to be ignored. Innovation is incredibly important and is woven into the fabric of what great businesses do.

Helps Grow Your Business and Market
Strong competition can actually help your business because they keep you on your toes. They also provide valuable market insight, and force you to keep your product strategies fresh.”

“These proven effects of a competitive drive that writes about is something to take into account. The most important aspect is that it pushes individuals to do their very best. Especially when there are promotions and other aspects of benefits involved, it leads people to want the best. Therefore they must aim for the best,” says Victoria Nupen of Experts In Media. We’re looking forward to attending this event in New York and know that this year the competition will be fierce.


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