Experts In Media Explain the Importance of Using Facebook in Your Marketing Campaign

There are two essential factors involved in selling a product or service: you have to know who your customers are, and you have to be able to show the product to them. You also need a product or service that will persuade customers to part with their cash of course, but it doesn’t matter how great your product is if nobody knows about it. Don’t wait for customers to come to you; instead go to them. Here, Experts In Media reveal the power of Facebook for businesses today.

“Do you use Facebook? Of course you do, I use it as well, and so do all your customers and potential customers”, said Victoria Nupen, director of Experts In Media. “That’s why Facebook is an ideal place to find your customers, and promote your brand. Ask yourself where your target consumers are spending their time. By joining them on Facebook, you can increase your sales and grow your business.”

Social media has changed the way we live for the better, and there are new social media platforms springing up all the time, yet Facebook is still by far the largest of them all. People spend a lot of time online, and some of it is spent doing work, watching media, or browsing for educational purposes. Despite all that, statistics show that an incredible one out of every seven minutes spent online is spent on Facebook, and once someone is on there, they like to take their time. The average user spends twenty minutes per visit on Facebook, which is plenty of time for them to update their status, listen to a song, watch a cat video, and check out the latest news and offers from your business.

Once a Facebook post is uploaded it has an optimal window of 18 hours. Content is king in social media, so adding interesting photos or videos can extend the half-life of a post by 16% and 9%. That’s why smart entrepreneurs realise the importance of adding posts and content to Facebook every day. By keeping the content fresh, you keep consumers interested, and create brand identity. In fact, 91% of social marketers have reported direct increases in traffic on their website due to their Facebook activity, and this is where sales can really take off.

“Every business today should be using Facebook to its full advantage”, said Victoria Nupen. “If you don’t have the time or the skills to do it personally, why not outsource your Facebook management to a professional? The advantages are there for all to see.”

Experts In Media are specialists when it comes to utilising Facebook and social media as part of their digital marketing campaigns. They help businesses to improve their brand awareness, and find new customers.


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