Experts in Media Explain the Importance of Controlling Your Online Reputation

Although most businesses recognise the need for expert marketing to bring in new clients, most are unaware of the fact that reputation management is a huge portion of that endeavour. Not only must a marketing company like Experts in Media work hard to build brand through promoting positive associations with a company or product, but there are times when they need to counteract negative comments as well.

“Having been in this business a very long time,” says Victoria Nupen, managing director of Experts in Media, “I know that it takes all kinds. There are some people out there who have nothing better to do than to make life miserable for others. Some people simply get a kick out of making negative comments for what they consider to be the fun of it. Now think of all the potential harm this type of behaviour could do to an otherwise reputable and ethical company.”

Experts in Media explain to their clients that it is possible to be the driving force behind what is being said online and that it is vital to take a proactive stance. Rather than wait be proactive, they need to use every medium possible to establish the reputation they want to put forward and to use every means at their disposal to prevent an negative reviews and work with customer that have had a bad experience to better your product/service offering.

“This is why we focus on highlighting inroads our clients have made in building a presence within the business community. Victoria explains, “to build a strong social following on as many social sites as possible. With a huge ‘fan base’ a negative comment or two will be ignored by the majority of followers.  It’s all about being behind the driver’s wheel and that’s what we help our clients understand.”

It is the goal of Experts in Media to bring an awareness to their clients of the importance of reputation management. All the advertising in the world isn’t going to do a bit of good if negative comments are allowed to proliferate without being intercepted or prevented altogether. Reputation management is a large part of what marketing pros like Experts in Media do and they cannot express enough the need to ‘take the bull by the horns’ before the cape is whipped.


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