Experts in Media Discuss the Need to Nurture Client Relationships to Keep Them Alive

Having opened an office in New York, the Experts in Media crew is heading back to London and excited to be seeing existing clients on the home side of the pond. Opening new offices is a wonderful experience as is breaking into new markets to capture ever broader client bases, but it’s always good to get back home to re-establish connections with clients who they continue to serve.

“With offices in both London and New York, we are truly becoming a global presence in web development. This past year has been memorable and though we are growing our client base by leaps and bounds, we know how important it is to maintain an ongoing relationship with those back home where it all began,” said Director Victoria Nupen.

The truth of the matter is, creating a website is not a one off project. It takes continuous nurturing to build it into a dynamic online presence. When building a website for clients, Experts in Media are constantly monitoring the market and collecting data to ensure that they are reaching the largest target audience possible by employing strategies throughout a number of mediums.

“If a website is to be a catalyst for growth, it takes ongoing commitment. In order to stay on top of changes within a market, it is vital that we keep the doors of communication open with our clients. Just as it is necessary to continually add content and update their website, it is important to discuss their business goals going forward,” she continued.

Business owners initially don’t realize that web design and development isn’t a simple matter of choosing a design they like and then populating it with content. It is, for all intents and purposes, a living and ‘breathing’ entity that continues to evolve along with the market. What works today may not work tomorrow so web developers are continually seeking ways to make improvements along the way.

Victoria Nupen gives the perfect example. “Just look at what would have happened to a huge number of websites if we hadn’t heeded Google’s latest algorithms. If we hadn’t built responsive designs our clients would have lost a huge portion of organic traffic because their sites wouldn’t have surfaced on mobile searches after April of this year.”

Experts in Media eagerly anticipate meeting with existing clients to discuss their current needs and to discuss any changes which need to be implemented. “We love New York but it will be lovely to be back in the UK for much needed meetings with clients we haven’t seen in a while. There is nothing like talking face-to-face and this is the reason for our excitement.”

Here’s wishing the Experts in Media team a fun and productive visit on home turf in the UK.


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