Experts in Media Discuss How Mobile Phones can Help Business Owners

According to a recent PeoplePerHour poll 9 out of 10 SME’s already use mobile phones and apps to keep a handle on company operations with 73 per cent of business owners using them on a daily basis. Experts in Media CEO Victoria Nupen is part of the growing percentage of business owners that relies on mobile technology to stay on top of things. Staying connected is crucial for a number of reasons. All importantly to keep your clients or customers happy as well as to make sure you do not miss out on any potential business leads. Mobile technology is geared towards keeping people connected while they are on the move. This has proven to be effected for business owners as they can keep on top of things while traveling or in between meetings.

Some would say that desktops might become redundant, ‘its hard to imagine a world without desktops as they have been a staple in many office environments. However its hard to ignore the facts that laptops are portable, saves on space and then there is that all important low cost benefit.’ said Experts in Media CEO Victoria Nupen. ‘These factors do depend on how often you are on the move. Most CEOs need to be contacted 24/7 and have means to fix an issue when ever and where ever they are. Smartphones offer people the capability to access the internet and mobile apps has given business owners innovative ways to stay on top of things.”

There is an app for everything, so much so, business owners have started to become reliant on them to stay connected, organised and informed. Many CEO’s that are on the go have experienced the benefits of running their businesses from a mobile phone. Benefits include document storage, time managements, customer relations, social media updates and staying connected. Some companies rely on technology for every aspect of their business. Gone of the days where internet connectivity was a luxury, these days it is a necessity, and the same is now said for mobile technology. CEO of Experts in Media Victoria Nupen agrees saying, ‘I have over 30 apps on my phone that I use daily to run my business in the social media industry. Taking into account my client satisfaction and growth possibilities in the market place, being without my phone is not an option.’



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