Experts in Media Are Excited to Be Working with a Diversified Client Base

In marketing, it is exciting to work with a wide array of industries. Even though some marketing strategies may be a bit different in focus, the thrill of seeing tangible results is always a rewarding experience for the team responsible for those results. Experts in Media have recently begin working with a diversified group of new clients and are excited by the prospect of helping them grow to new levels.

“We are passionate about helping each and every client in our portfolio grow beyond their wildest imaginings but we also know that their growth is our growth as well,” says Victoria Nupen, Expert in Media’s managing director. “As we expand our own client base, our company grows and as a result, we are continually adding new members to our team and it is like welcoming new members to the family.”

One of the newest clients Experts in Media has added to their portfolio is a UK stationery supply company. Having developed the Pencil Me In website, the Experts in Media team are looking forward to watching the company grow as traffic begins accelerating. Through a wide variety of online strategies including social media, PPC and SEO content, Victoria expects to see the website’s statistics improve by the day.

“We have experts in literally every aspect of online marketing and web design so there is no area that is left uncovered. As our clients grow, we grow. They add staff and correspondingly we do as well. By helping other businesses reach their goals, we can not only reach our own goals but can plan for expansion along the way. It’s an exciting snowball-like effect that once it gets rolling starts gaining momentum and just keeps on growing.”

Other clients Experts in Media have added to their client portfolio are in the fashion and wedding planning markets. With each new client, the team grows more excited and of course this just adds to the thrill of working in such an awesome industry. Anytime there is a B2B collaboration where both businesses benefit is amazing, but in marketing it is doubly so because their efforts are largely responsible for that growth.

“We look forward to adding new clients in new markets so that we will all gain momentum towards rapid growth,” says Victoria. The entire Experts in Media team is excited by the addition of these newest members and is looking forward to growing alongside them. For Victoria and her team, it’s a win-win proposition that they are eagerly looking forward to. That’s marketing at its best and that’s Experts in Media.


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